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St.Martin/Sint Maarten

The culture of St. Martin/Sint Maarten , better known as “The Friendly Island”, is a blend of its African, British and Dutch heritage. The islands population of approximately 78,000 people is truly a melting pot of people from 70 or more different countries.With so many different nationalities present quite a few different languages are spoken. An English based creole is the local dialect however the official languages are French for Saint Martin with Dutch and English being official language for Sint Maarten.French influence and the many cultures have made The Friendly Island the Culinary Capital Of The Caribbean Tourists are welcomed from all nations. The island features two tourist offices, one in Marigot on the French side and the other in Philipsburg on the Dutch side.

Colorful markets with local fruits, spices, vegetables and fish are found along the waterfront in Marigot on the French side and in downtown Philipsburg on the Dutch side. International tourists fly into Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side and local flights for some island hopping is serviced at L’Esperance Airport on the French Side. One of the main Cruise Ship stopovers in the Caribbean is serviced on the Dutch side port of Dr. A.C. Wathey Cruise and Cargo facility.Tourists can enjoy the 37 beautiful beaches on the island, Casinos on the Dutch side, exquisite meals in Grand Case and the many night life spots across both sides. Boat tours are very popular taking tourists to some of the most beautiful and secluded islands surrounding St.Martin/Sint Maarten.Driving is simple throughout the entire island and we recommend you rent a car and enjoy the many attractions available to you each and every day of your vacation.

French Saint-Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten is an island in the northeast Caribbean with a total population of approximately 78,000 people; 41,000 on the Dutch side and 37,000 on the French side. The island is divided roughly 60/40 between France and the Kingdom of The Netherlands. It is one of the smallest islands divided between two nations with an open boarder between the nations. The island is well known for it’s beautiful exotic beaches, culinary haven and duty free shopping in some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite shops.